About AGPR

Australian General Practice Recruitment agency is based in Brisbane
and we recruit general practitioners for Australia.

We recruit:
  • General Practitioners - Australian trained and overseas trained doctors
  • Registered Nurses - Australian trained and overseas trained nurses
  • Medical Receptionists - We recruit medical receptionists both with and without general practice experience
Our motto is "TOTAL PRACTICE RECRUITMENT" After working in the industry for years it was evident that there was a gap in the market for recruitment of staff for general practice.

Whether you are looking for staff or looking for work please do not hesitate in asking us questions. Our service to you is personalised, confidential and pretty darn good!

Keep reading and meet the team!

Roz has been in the health recruitment industry for over 12 years.
She started recruiting as a Director of Nursing, then recruited registered nurses for the largest agency in Queensland followed by GP recruitment at the Australian Medical Association. You may also recognise her from the numerous recruitment trips to the UK and Europe. Ros has her fingers crossed that she'll get to Canada, Middle East and South Africa in the coming year! If you would like her to run some information seminars in your country - send her an email. She is the absolute best as what she does!

Steve is the 'Man Friday' of AGPR.
Renewals, advertising and accounts make up his day and the list of his other responsibilities run longer than your arm. Steve is currently studying Ba. Business at Queensland University and is a Justice of the Peace for all your certification needs. Steve worked for a number of years in a Brisbane Private Hospital and now organises the daily operational needs of AGPR. You'll also see him with Roz on the recruitment trips - he'll be the one carrying the luggage.