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There are thousands of attractions in New South Wales ranging from historic buildings to scenic drives and iconic big things. There are exciting sports, arts and community events throughout the State at any time of the year. Sit back, enjoy the views and meet the locals on a specialist tour anywhere in New South Wales. Whatever your mode of transport there's always a road, rail track or flight path that leads to New South Wales.

Sydney - You've just arrived in Sydney, so take a deep breathe and savour the moment. Where do you start in this stylish city with its electric atmosphere and fun-loving attitude? Standing at Circular Quay, there's the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge on your left, the Opera House on your right and the glorious harbour stretching in all directions. There's no doubt Sydney is a thrilling, action-packed destination with a new discovery at every turn. Lismore -Lismore and its surrounding hinterland is known as the Rainbow Region. This label reflects the region's diversity and penchant for natural living. Often referred to as the birthplace of eco-tourism, the Rainbow Region contains nearly a third of New South Wales' forest reserves and has some of the most picturesque mountain scenery in the state.

Newcastle - Newcastle reaches out to the sea, creating Australia's only city centre bounded by pristine beaches and an active working harbour. From our intriguing 200 year story has arisen a dynamic city of contrasts. Discover a port city in transition and delight in a mixture of the raw and refined. Working wharves are becoming places of play; the city hums with a vibrant arts culture and an emerging food scene is evident. Some things need never change - the surf is still world class, the pace remains relaxed and the friendly locals are proud of their city.

Broken Hill - G'day....Welcome to Broken Hill and the inspirational outback. The vibrant yet subtle colours and magical light of this landscape have brought film-makers and artists here to capture its special quality. It packs a powerful emotional punch, this dark red soil contrasting with clear blue skies where the wedge-tailed eagle soars, appealing to something deep in our human souls. There's definitely a spiritual element in this country, as the Aboriginal ancestors knew. And at sunset, when the wide horizon glows red and orange, we are each lost for words. The distances are huge and the big red kangaroos can boom two hundred kilometers in a night chasing a thunderstorm. And yet there's a smaller scale - the petals of a Sturts Desert Pea, the eyes of a lizard, ancient rock etchings. The town of Broken Hill is its own graphic testimony to the struggles of the mining pioneers. The tower mullocks and head frames silhouetted at sunset tell the story of a treasure beyond the wildest dreams, a treasure that filled the coffers of a young nation....Australia!

Wollongong - Whether you prefer your leisure revved up or chilled out, Wollongong's diverse range of recreational opportunities is bound to please. Rapidly gaining a reputation worldwide for adventure sports, the city has also cultivated cultural attractions and is home to wonderful natural scenery and bushland.


Canberra - See a nation reflected in its capital - See yourself in the Nation's Capital. Canberra is full of fantastic experiences for visitors. Set within leafy surrounds, this modern city offers fun for the kids, a busy calendar of events and festivals, as well as stylish restaurants, bars and shops. Canberra was established in 1911 to create a capital for the newly federated country of Australia. Canberra is a fantastic base from which to explore the many treasures of the surrounding region. The region offers historic townships, natural wonders, beautiful coastlines and the famous Snowy Mountains. So allow enough time to linger longer and enjoy all the nation's capital has to offer.